Sunday, May 23, 2010

Milestones and Projects

I can't even begin to tell everyone how happy my heart is! Time is flying by so fast and every day I get more and more excited! When Norman proposed it was on the 25th of September and then we had decided that the wedding was going to be about a year away. After making this decision, I had (in my mind) made little "milestones" of events that were going to happen before the wedding. I thought that by looking forward to the other little events in my life that were going to happen before the wedding then it would feel like the year wouldn't take so long. And let me tell ya, it worked!!
First it was Thanksgiving, then Christmas, then it was starting my last semester of college, getting my career started, and the last one happens next week -  graduating and getting my diploma! 
The events have come and now it it time to focus on getting excited for the BIGGEST event!

As soon as I was done with my last final, the first thing I thought of doing was updating my blog. It has been far too long and we have done so much stuff. Here is a little recap of the last few months:

Norman and I (as well as our parents) had our taste testing. It was a little mock-up of our wedding reception and food tasting. Man, was it yummy!! How can you go wrong with Cuban and Argentine food? 

Our caterer and our wedding coordinator (Lisa - came with the venue) are two very sweet ladies that just helped me dream that day. It was after the tasting that everything felt so real and like it was all about Norm and I. It is crazy when you get to make your own decisions and everyone wants to know what YOU want. How fun!

Next on the list were the 'Save the Dates'. This is a bit scary because your guest list is set in stone once you do this! And let me tell ya - the guest list is the hardest part! And let me just go on a little tangent about save the dates. In all the research I have done for the wedding, I have realized that this world is becoming lazy in their speach and writting in the sense that they like they have to abeviate everything. I am a believer of drawing the line, and let me show you why:
(Some examples)
Mother of the Bride = MOB
Maid of Honor = MOH
Father of the Bride = FOB
Engagement Ring = E-ring
Wedding Party = WP
Grooms Men = GM
Darling Husband = DH
and here is where the line should be drawn:
Save the Dates = STDs
(that's just wrong!!! STDs?!?! Really? Come now!)

Anyways, I couldn't be more happy with the way our Save the Dates came out. And I am proud to announce that Norman helped the whole way through - stamping, embossing, and cutting! Man, he's great!

And our newest project that we just conquered was picture frames. I am a HUGE fan of both displaying and taking pictures. And what more beautiful way to display them than in pretty picture frames? So our Copper colored frames were our project last weekend.

There is still more to do, but that is the exciting part and no more milestones in my way before my big day!

...132 days to go...

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


As of today, the 13th of April, there is a mere 172 days left until I become Mrs. Schisler! This engagement period has been sheer bliss! I mean, how could it not be? I am planning the day where I will start the rest of my life with my Mr. Perfect!
The 'To-Do List' is well on its way of being completed:
Since the last post:
- Taste testing
- Save the dates are done and sent out
- Picked the girl's dresses
- Finalized some decoration ideas
- Got the DJ
- Picked the cake
- Got my dress (it is hanging it it's beautiful white bag)
- Engagement pictures

The Engagement Picture taking day was a blast!! Seriously, we have the BEST photographer in the world! I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. His name is Richard Mora. Check out his BLOG and his SITE!

Here are some pictures of our fun day of smiling for the camera

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The dream venue

Ok, so remember when I wrote about how Norman and I will be having our "dream venue" for this very memorable day to take place at?!?! Well, we finally got the chance to go back and look at the place again to start brainstorming idaes. We went in January so it isn't as green as it would normally be in October, yet it is just as beautiful! Here are a few pictures that I wanted to share with you all...

Here, in between these 2 trees is where we shall be saying our "I do" and our "till death do us part"

There were some candle jars hanging from a previous wedding. They looked so beautiful, we plan on doing something similar to it.

Here is where the "cocktail hour" will be. Well, there won't be cocktails, but it is just the appetizer hour for people to mingle while we take some pictures.

And this is where our reception will take place.
Here is where we will have our "first dance", the "grand entrance", and enjoying some wonderful Hispanic food! (Please, don't mind the golf carts)

This place is huge! There is so much to see! When we went back the other day, I realized that we had not even seen half of the place yet! Here are a few more pictures of the place.

So there you have it... a little bit of a photo tour. Would you believe me if I told you that the pictures don't do it justice? I feel like too many people describe their pictures like that so it has lost a bit of its meaning. But, in all seriousness, these pictures can't even capture the beauty of this place! Not just the beauty, but the peace you feel when you're there, not hearing cars or the business of a town, and breathing in the smell of trees and life! Oh its beautiful! I'm so blessed that we will be having our wedding here! Now, its time to pray that it will not rain on that day or the week of the wedding!! 

...268 days to go...

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Road Trip - Destination: Sante Fe, New Mexico

The day after Christmas, Norman, my parents, and I took off on a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a pleasant time and a much needed vacation! Here is a little photo story of our trip...

We woke up early, before the crack of dawn, and we were able to see the beautiful sunrise on the drive. It was a wonderful start!

A lonely little abandoned gas station

Stopped for a very large breakfast at 'Cracker Barrel'

As we were driving, we saw that the temperature had gone all the way to 0! It was so cold that there was ice on the inside of the windows, even with our heaters on! Here is the window:

Here are some pictures of the road trip:

So here the funniest thing that I saw:
Please, notice the hood ornament!

And this is New Mexico...

A couple of the churches in downtown Santa Fe...

And a sculpture garden...

And a few more pictures of the city...

The Santa Fe trains

We build a snow fort

As well as a snow man

It was a wonderful vacation!
Here are a few random photos of going back home, driving through the snow, and saying goodbye to some friends.

I hope your Christmas and New Year was wonderful!
God bless you as we welcome in 2010!