Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Something Amazing....

Yesterday I was driving to school and my gas light went on, so I went to the gas station... I looked in my wallet and I had a $20 bill so I put it into the little machine thing and I proceeded to pump gas into my car. As the gas was going, I was cleaning my car and all the sudden the gas pump clicked off... so I went to pull the handle again so it can keep going... but all the sudden gas started pouring out of my car... IT COST ME LESS THAN $20 TO FILL UP MY CAR WITH GAS!!!!!
How amazing is that?!?!?
To be exact... it was $18.97!
Isn't it funny how excited we get if the gas goes down 5 cents? (Well, I get excited about it). I don't know of any other thing that I watch and wait for the price to decrease just a few cents! How much more exciting it is that it has gone down $3!?! It is like our very own Christmas present given to us by the mean gas people who charged us $5 just a few months ago... they may be crooked people, but they are kind enough to give us Christmas presents!


Deanna said...

I know! Isn't it awesome? I'm so glad gas is cheap again. I hope it stays this way for a long time!

Rambling Robot said...

It seems that only when we are faced with extreme situations do we truly value what we have had all along. I'm glad that gas is cheaper, i'm glad i have a car, i'm glad i have money to pay for gas, and i'm glad i'm alive. :)