Sunday, December 28, 2008

Buster Brown

I'm not sure if anyone is aware of how absolutely adorable my dog is, so I thought I would take it upon myself to introduce my wonderful hairy companion...
Buster Brown Garcia...

He is the one that sleeps on my feet at night to keep my toes warm.
He is the one that pees with excitement when I come home from being gone for a couple hours.
He is the one that guards me when I am home alone.
He hides his face under a table in shame when he knows he is in trouble.
He always wants to play ball with me no matter what time of day.
He is always willing to throw away my water bottles.
He follows me into every room in the house I walk into.
He is the one always howling for attention when he feels ignored.
He cuddles with me as we watch tv.
He snores when we sleep on my bed.
He is the most loving and forgiving creature I have ever had the privilage of meeting.
Yet with all this love and affection he gives,
It never fails...
Buster Brown will always growl at me when I attempt to give him a kiss on his head!


Deanna said...

Wait till you have kids. They are kind of like dogs. They follow you around, demand attention, pee lots, you can train them to throw thing away for you. But, they do let you kiss them on the head, in fact they smile and laugh when you do and it warms your heart. They also are a lot cuter than dogs b/c they look like you and your husband :)

Rambling Robot said...

ha ha.. you forgot to mention that he is the favorite Garcia. :)

Magdalene said...

This made me miss Buster. Soooo let's have a movie night at your house that we can see Buster....nooootttt cause we miss you or anything...just kidding....I love you tons!!