Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I went to a 76 gas station this afternoon because, as usual, my car needed gas. As I walked out of my car and proceeded to go inside to pay the cashier, there was a guy who pulled up with all his windows down and blasting a song. This is actually kind of annoying to me. I do not see how people think they are cool by letting everyone hear what they are listening to...
Anyways, as he parked his car to get gas, I could hear the words to the song he was listening to. I had never heard it before (rap isn't really my thing). The words went something like this: "I want more money, I want more clothes, I want more things, I want it all..." Forgive me if I have the words incorrect (if you know the song). I don't remember all of it or in what order it was sung in.
When I heard those words, I kind of chuckled to myself cause I thought it was funny, yet it made me thing, "Am I a satisfied person?"

When I was in Jr. High I started to learn how to play the guitar and I borrowed a guitar for 3 whole years before my dad bought me my own. And when I got it I was so in love with my guitar! It is absolutely beautiful! But as of the last year or so, my eye has drifted off unto another guitar; the Gibson Acoustic J-200. It's beautiful! Why am I not satisfied with the wonderful, expensive guitar that my dad bought me?
A couple of years ago I really wanted a macbook computer. I thought that after getting it I would be satisfied for life! But sad to say, another desire had come up... an ipod. But it wasn't just any ipod, it was the ipod touch! And now, I have my ipod touch.
Then I wanted to get a nice SLR digital camera, and I was pretty convinced that after having that, I would be set for life! But, of course, I got it and now I want different lenses and gadgets for it.
I was blessed enough to have my parents buy me my first car. It was a little soccer mom car, and I loved it. But then my eye strayed unto the Toyota Corolla... oh it was beautiful... I needed to have it, but I didn't care to have the payments that came along with it. But I ended up getting one, and I do love my little car, but now I feel as though it is getting out-dated and old compared to the new models.
I'm a girl, I like jewelry. And my wonderful boyfriend bought me the very coveted "Tiffany's charm bracelet" for Christmas, and boy do I love that thing!! But now I want more Tiffany's jewelry, I want to have a collection of them to wear.

When will it ever stop? When will I be satisfied? When will I have enough?
I sound and act just as ridiculous as that song I heard being played from that man's car radio at the gas station this afternoon!

Shawn McDonald sings a song called "Greed" and the words are really good. He talks about how we are always bought into the lie that we need more thing and that we find ourselves never being satisfied. Here are some of the words:
"Falsely advertised
Into believing we need this stuff in our lives.
Cause what we got is what we need
And everything else is only greed
It's greener on the other side, Oh why can't we be satisfied"

So, again, I ask myself, "why can't I be satisfied?"

So as I am sitting there in my car getting a reality check from God while I get gas and laugh at this song when I really need to be laughing at how ridiculous I am... I think about my car getting gas. And I thought to myself, "man, I'm just like this car, always needing something to get me going. My needs are expensive and I always seem to end up on E."
Then it hit me... my spiritual life needs to be filled up more than my physical life. I need to go to God, my spiritual gas station, and get full on Him! Not this other junk that I have convinced myself that I so desperately need! I know it sounds cheesy and corny, but how true is it? How many times do we just stop and say, "all I want is God right now!" How many times do we find satisfaction in Christ alone?

When I think of how God will give me everything that I need, I become more grateful for the things I do have. I've got a beautiful guitar that I love to listen to because it sounds so amazing. I have got a great camera that takes awesome pictures. I have a great running car (that I need to clean). I have a computer and a device to listen to my music on. And I have a beautiful bracelet that I take so much pride and joy in wearing. Not only do I have the stuff i NEED, but the Lord has blessed me with other things that I wanted. Thank you God! How ungrateful am I to over look them and want something new, something different, something more...

I realized that the only way to be satisfied is to drink of the fountain of life, to dine with the King of Kings, to listen to the One who knows it all, to rest in the presence of the All-Sufficient One, and to trust in the Great I AM...

Are you satisfied?


Rambling Robot said...

To answer your question simply: Yes, I am completely satisfied. Great post honey and I'm glad that you are learning to be satisfied with what you have and are not "chasing after the wind" as proverbs says.
When people start growing older, they begin to realize that all the junk they have been collecting don't mean anything after they are gone. What really matters is the friendships, the relationships, your family, and most importantly your relationship with God. I hope that we can all not wait until we get too old to realize that life is short and we need to be taking full advantage of the time we have now to grow in our relationship with God and with other people.

Hooray for incorruptable, incomparable, and inconprehensible values! :)

Jessy said...

so true!! i love you!

i'm.still.here said...

That was neither cheesy nor corny. Thank you for sharing... It def gives me something to think about