Monday, March 23, 2009


On Saturday, my best friend and I celebrated our ONE YEAR of calling each other "boyfriend" and "girlfriend"! Who would have ever known that those two words would have been so fun to say? Who would have guessed that I would have found someone so wonderful?!?!

I guess... God knew...
So, if God knew...
Next time when I ask myself, "When the heck can I marry this guy?"
I can return with an answer of saying, "God knows!"

Aren't we an attractive couple??

Yesterday, Norman and I went to Solvang and Santa Barbara. That morning I woke up to rain, rain, rain... what a bummer... that's not how one is to spend their anniversary celebration day! it was not cool! But, through much debate and thought, we decided to still go because I am learning how to adventurous (apparently I am not an adventurous person).
But, through our adventure... we only had rain on half of the drive and about for 15 minutes while we were there... so, I am convinced of 2 things:
1.) Weather people are stupid and don't know what they are talking about
2.) God let us have a beautiful day and He heard our cry for sun
Not only am I convinced of those 2 things...
But I also learned 2 things:
1.) Don't let the thought of rain ruin a perfectly planned day, just work around it
2.) Be adventurous, take whatever comes your way... who knows, it may make for a funny story one day

Here is a bit of a photo-journal of my lovely day with my lovely guy...
We first went to a little Dutch city called Solvang

Norman and I bought some lovely shoes

In this city there was a store the was Christmas all year long
Any Christmas ornament you could imagine was in this store

We passed by a forest of candy trees. It was pretty pleasant
My camera was drawn to this guy, I'm not sure why

We almost bought a wienier dog, but there were too many to choose from

Then there was Santa Barbara

The seagull said no fishing was allowed

God gave us a rainbow

And that was our day...



Rambling Robot said...

"Be adventurous, take whatever comes your way... who knows, it may make for a funny story one day"

That is practically my life's motto. I was so happy when I read that. You wrote that Adrie!? Does this mean you want to be adventurous with me!? Ha ha ha.

The pictures look wonderful and I was laughing at a lot of the stuff I remembered like walking around forever trying to find that sandwich place and seeing that same lady in another store where we got our dessert haha. I'm so happy to be dating you Adriana Alys! :)

Jessy said...

awe looks like you guys had fun! i can't believe it has been a year that's just crazy!!!! i love you and miss you lots!!

Magdalene said...

You guys are SO freaking cute!! and I LOVE YOU BOTH!!

ANA-ALiCiA said...

So happy for ya both! The Dutch are my fave for 2 reasons...1) they brought Christmas to America & 2) their baked goods!

GeorgiaDes said...

I'm loving it Adrie. I saw your driving down mountain the other day, you looked so happy.

allisonescalante said...

isn't that peer freaky. you could fall off at any moment. there's just planks of wood on the edges. it scares me.