Thursday, January 7, 2010

The dream venue

Ok, so remember when I wrote about how Norman and I will be having our "dream venue" for this very memorable day to take place at?!?! Well, we finally got the chance to go back and look at the place again to start brainstorming idaes. We went in January so it isn't as green as it would normally be in October, yet it is just as beautiful! Here are a few pictures that I wanted to share with you all...

Here, in between these 2 trees is where we shall be saying our "I do" and our "till death do us part"

There were some candle jars hanging from a previous wedding. They looked so beautiful, we plan on doing something similar to it.

Here is where the "cocktail hour" will be. Well, there won't be cocktails, but it is just the appetizer hour for people to mingle while we take some pictures.

And this is where our reception will take place.
Here is where we will have our "first dance", the "grand entrance", and enjoying some wonderful Hispanic food! (Please, don't mind the golf carts)

This place is huge! There is so much to see! When we went back the other day, I realized that we had not even seen half of the place yet! Here are a few more pictures of the place.

So there you have it... a little bit of a photo tour. Would you believe me if I told you that the pictures don't do it justice? I feel like too many people describe their pictures like that so it has lost a bit of its meaning. But, in all seriousness, these pictures can't even capture the beauty of this place! Not just the beauty, but the peace you feel when you're there, not hearing cars or the business of a town, and breathing in the smell of trees and life! Oh its beautiful! I'm so blessed that we will be having our wedding here! Now, its time to pray that it will not rain on that day or the week of the wedding!! 

...268 days to go...


Jessy said...

beautiful!! I am so excited for you guys!!

ANA-ALiCiA said...

ohhhhh man. I wanna get re-married so we can get hitched there! it's like the disneyland version of the orchard on steroids! You are extremely have a wonderful fiance, parents that love love love you & an amazing location! YAY! cant wait :)

Maggie said...

LOVE IT!!!!! YAY!!