Saturday, January 2, 2010

Road Trip - Destination: Sante Fe, New Mexico

The day after Christmas, Norman, my parents, and I took off on a road trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. It was a pleasant time and a much needed vacation! Here is a little photo story of our trip...

We woke up early, before the crack of dawn, and we were able to see the beautiful sunrise on the drive. It was a wonderful start!

A lonely little abandoned gas station

Stopped for a very large breakfast at 'Cracker Barrel'

As we were driving, we saw that the temperature had gone all the way to 0! It was so cold that there was ice on the inside of the windows, even with our heaters on! Here is the window:

Here are some pictures of the road trip:

So here the funniest thing that I saw:
Please, notice the hood ornament!

And this is New Mexico...

A couple of the churches in downtown Santa Fe...

And a sculpture garden...

And a few more pictures of the city...

The Santa Fe trains

We build a snow fort

As well as a snow man

It was a wonderful vacation!
Here are a few random photos of going back home, driving through the snow, and saying goodbye to some friends.

I hope your Christmas and New Year was wonderful!
God bless you as we welcome in 2010!


ANA-ALiCiA said...

Adrie your photography is beautiful! I especially like the one of you & Norman in black & white & the birds flying above you...whoever took that did a great job too! :)

glad you & your family had a great time!

Now get married already!

Adrie said...

thanks ana! thats super nice of you!! so the one with the birds flying over us, it is actually 2 different pictures! haha i took the picture of the birds and my dad took the one of norm and i. i didn't realize that by putting one above the other, they look like its all one picture! haha

and we shall get married... soon!