Friday, December 11, 2009

Did I mention... I'm marrying my Best Friend!!

On Friday September 25th my best friend asked me to be his wife!!!
What a dream come true!!!

Norman and I met at Calvary Costa Mesa's School of Worship in 2006. We became carpool buddies and became "best friends". In the spring of 2007 we decided to take a year to pray and seek what God would have for us and our relationship. I spent the summer in Hungary while Norman spent his in Paraguay.
God had given us a wonderful peace about perusing a relationship together and it was the beginning of a wonderful adventure!
The Lord has really blessed us through our dating relationship and we are so excited to see what else will come our way in the future... but as for now... it's wedding planning time!

The Proposal:
Friday September 25th, I woke up at 5am to use the restroom and had every intention to go straight back to bed, but that didn't happen. When I had opened the door after using the restroom, my dad was standing in the hallway (he scared the crud out of me) and handed me something while saying, "here, I was told to give this to you as soon as you woke up."
It was a puzzle piece. On one side it was a picture of the coffee shop Norman and I always go to (its actually the half way point between our houses) and on the other side it said,
"I'm pleased to inform you that you have the day off work.
Today is going to be a very special day.
Smile, the best is yet to come.
At exactly 10am you must be at your next destination.
Get excited and get dressed, you're going out for coffee.
Riddled in this puzzle piece are clues to the next spot.
I remember sitting here and drinking coffee together while we both did homework.
Not too far for you, not too far for me.
Dive into it, have fun, follow each clue to the end, and always remember: I love you!"

So yes, I had a scavenger hunt with puzzle pieces. One piece lead me to the next. Each place had a new puzzle piece with a picture on one side and something written on the other side. If you notice, I put in bold the first letter of each line in the letter that was written. He made an acronym for the actual place I was supposed to go. The coffee shop is called "It's A Grind" and you can see it spelled out with the acronym. (By the way, I am slow and never figured that out!) But all the pieces were like that... he's so clever!

So I started in Chino, went to the coffee shop in Diamond Bar, then went to his house in Anaheim, followed by finding a lady holding a red balloon at Disneyland, and FINALLY... I came to my last destination at Costa Mesa, where we had first met 3 years ago, and there I found Norman with the last piece to the puzzle. All the pieces fit together but before I had seen Norman, all the pieces fit yet the middle was missing and it was the shape of a heart...
and guess who had it?!?!
It was there in the big grassy lawn that Norman gave me the last piece that had a picture of us on one side and written on the back said,
"Adriana Alys Garcia,
He attempted to get on a knee but I was too excited that I wouldn't stop hugging him! Eventually he was able to get on a knee and pulled out a rock of a diamond ring.

And I said, "YES!"
I am going to marry the man of my dreams, my best friend!

Now, 2 and a half months later, we are in the process of planning the big day! So much has happened and there is so much more to do!

The day:
October 2, 2010.
It seems so far away (295 days to be exact) but it is the perfect time!

The place:
The Brookside Equestrian Center
Oh how excited are we! This is our DREAM place! The Lord is good for blessing us! We shall be saying our vows under a huge tree, and have our reception on a huge and lushly green lawn in front of some stables and entirely surrounded by trees. It will be a fall evening wedding and we are seeing about having the place all lit by cafe lights and Chinese lanterns for when the sun goes down.

The dress:
My mom and I unexpectedly went to an Alfred Angelo bridal store one day, and she convinced me to just "look at dresses". Well "looking" turned into "trying on". And sure enough, the 2nd dress I tried on my mom and I fell in love with! Oh it is beautiful! But I didn't expect for it to be that easy or fast. I went in a week later with my dad and I tried on a lot more dresses but when it came to putting back on the one I fell in love with, there was no turning back! It was the one!! So my dress is ordered and it shall be arriving next month. What the heck am I going to with the dress just sitting in my room for 9 months??
I wish so badly to post up a picture of this beautiful thing, but I keep forgetting that it is supposed to be a secret! Shhh....

The details:
We've gotten so much done already! We have a caterer. We shall be having Cuban and Argentine food. (YUM!) We have the chairs, tables, linens, silverware, and plates all picked out as well. Now all the big things left are flowers, DJ, and photography. And of course, there are a thousand and a half details to still do, but that's the fun part!

The honeymoon:
Oh how excited are we (well, mostly I)... Lord willing, we shall be honeymooning in England and Scotland! WOO! I lived in England for 4 months and I am so anxious to show Norman the beautiful country and enjoy countless cups of tea together!

So, there it is, a much needed update and the story of the proposal! I do hope to continue blogging about the wedding planning process. I am really excited for this adventure with my wonderful Fiance!

'Till next time...


Maggie said...

Goodness Gracious I love you both!! I'm So so so so so excited!!

Rick Greene said...

Praise the Lord! I'm so excited for you!

Rambling Robot said...

Very cute Adrie. I loved every bit of it. It's hard to believe that all this wonderful stuff is happening to us! Truly, all things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose. I'm living it as a testimony! I'm excited for many more wonderful memories together :)

ANA-ALiCiA said...

no pressure or anything, but I really want to go to your wedding!
love the proposal Adrie! LOVE IT!

allisonescalante said...

ADGE! i miss you ....... i know you are crazy busy as discussed over and over again but i miss your face and need to see you.. so clear at least an hour. thats a command not a suggestion.

BrandoAbba said...